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Hogwarts Legacy protestors create new game to boycott Harry Potter RPG

Hogwarts Legacy protestors create new game to boycott Harry Potter RPG

A Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator has appeared online, highlighting the controversy surrounding the game.

Hogwarts Legacy has proven to be the most controversial game in recent memory. As I’m sure you’re aware, author JK Rowling has come under fire in recent years for her continued transphobic comments. Although Rowling was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, she will profit from the game’s sales prompting many fans to boycott the title to stand in solidarity with the trans community.

Even some Hogwarts Legacy developers have chosen to boycott the game. There is good news to come out of the controversy as protestors have raised thousands for some incredible charities. One streamer raised an amazing £10,000 for Mermaids - a UK based charity that supports gender nonconforming and transgender children - while the Trans Witches are Witches indie gaming bundle has amassed $192,000 worth of purchases. Now, another alternative title has hit the market.

As reported by Dexerto, there now exists the Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator. Inevitably, some people were going to buy Hogwarts Legacy but those who are boycotting the title are less than impressed with purchasers who go out of their way to overly justify why they’ve chosen to buy it. Typically, the justification does more harm than good which is where the concept of the simulator comes in.

The game essentially challenges those justifications. It begins with Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav explaining that “the developers worked really hard and deserve their rewards,” before a woman named Ashley counters that and adds that Rowling will profit from any sales.

You then have the option to ‘buy’ Hogwarts Legacy while Ashley continues to protest against the game. In one screenshot obtained by Dexerto, Ashley states, “You’re buying more? Are you literally doing this just to spite us?” The game also prompts various news articles to pop up highlighting trans issues across the world, including those involving JK Rowling directly and other cases where trans rights are simply under threat.

The simulation also involves several streamers including Hasan and Asmongold. At the time of writing, the web page is unavailable. It’s unknown if it will return.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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