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Hogwarts Legacy praised by 32-year-old for getting them into games

Hogwarts Legacy praised by 32-year-old for getting them into games

One 32-year-old fan has thanked Hogwarts Legacy for introducing them to modern gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy is by no means a perfect game. In fact, there are a number of improvements that fans would like to see in a potential sequel. Still, it should be credited for being many people’s getaway into gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy sold a whopping number of copies, exceeding expectations by 256% - and I’d imagine that’s a figure that’s only continued to grow. Many have failed Hogwarts as their favourite video game location of all time. Certainly, players would like to see the open world fleshed out a little more, stepping away from the obsession with caves and ruins. It’s also a shame that there’s no working companion system, but Hogwarts Legacy is a solid foundation for what could be a far more spectacular sequel.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t just dazzled and entertained lifelong gamers. It introduced new players to the world of gaming. It’s to be expected when you base a game on such a major franchise. People are going to be drawn in by the Harry Potter link despite perhaps not having gamed before. That was the experience of one Reddit user who said that the game has officially converted them into being a gamer.

Raio_24 wrote, “Hogwarts Legacy made me a gamer. I'm a 32 yo (millennial) man and the last game I played was probably Chamber of Secrets when I was 11? 12? Around 20 years ago. Then puberty hit and I dropped games, replacing them with music, going out, all that teen jazz. All these years, I've had gamer friends but I've never had the will or interest in playing. [...] Fast forward to Hogwarts Legacy’s release and I immediately bought the game because I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and I wanted to recreate what I thought would be an upgraded 2002 Chamber of Secrets experience.”

“It was the perfect game to get me into modern ones,” he continued. “It's relatively easy, has a good tutorial in the beginning, the story is perfectly paced. I finally had a ‘teacher’ where it allowed me to slowly get accustomed to all the new modern mechanics.” The user went on to add that since March, they’ve played The Last of Us Part I, the Tomb Raider trilogy, Stray, both Marvel’s Spider-Man entries, and the Hitman trilogy.

“Let’s go! That’s honestly amazing,” a fellow user wrote. “From Hogwarts Legacy to The Last of Us Part I is a big leap!” another commended. Welcome to the club.

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