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Hogwarts Legacy players urged to immediately change one setting and drastically improve the game

Hogwarts Legacy players urged to immediately change one setting and drastically improve the game

Hogwarts Legacy players are being urged to turn off a simple setting to improve the game.

Hogwarts Legacy’s early access period is well underway. If you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or PC owner and you’ve pre-ordered the deluxe edition, chances are you got your hands on the game yesterday. If you opted for the standard edition, you’ll need to wait until Friday to join in the fun.

Already, it’s clear that Hogwarts Legacy has gone down well with fans. Many are praising the character creator for allowing them to feel “represented,” and some players have even confessed to taking sick days from work because they just don’t want to put the game down. It could take you 120 hours to see all that the game has to offer but you could nab the Platinum trophy after around 70 hours. Those who are a couple sessions into Hogwarts Legacy are recommending that players turn off two features to drastically improve the game.

Take a tour of Hogsmeade below.

Reddit user egyptianbeast96 took to the site to write, “PSA: Turn off these two settings for more immersion. Highly recommend going into the user interface settings and turning off ‘Show HUD Tracking Icons’ and ‘Minimap.’ It makes a world of difference and since there is a button to turn on quest tracking in the actual world, the two settings off adds a whole level of immersion if you want to explore Hogwarts to the fullest.”

Many agreed with the user. Shark_Train added, “Can confirm. The book compass charm is enough if you need guidance. First thing I did was turn these two off and it’s so fun stumbling around.” The book compass charm, you say? I’ll have to make a note to learn that one.

Arrogant_facade did point out though, it’s very easy to get lost like a ‘real’ first-year Hogwarts student. They said, “I've only played the first ‘in-game day,’ but after I have thoroughly explored everything first, I'll be turning [the minimap] off. For now, it's just helping me get my bearings a bit, but I want to be able to navigate by memory but seriously, f**k me, it's a big castle! They've done it justice alright.” Who’s excited to get exploring?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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