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Hogwarts Legacy players have cast Revelio 100 billion times

Hogwarts Legacy players have cast Revelio 100 billion times

Mind-blowing stats for Hogwarts Legacy's Revelio spell have been revealed, showing just how much players have been spamming it.

Hogwarts Legacy has been out for over a month now, and in that time, it's sold millions of copies and become wildly successful.

Although the Wizarding World RPG has now dropped from first place in the UK’s physical game charts, it’s had a very good run. The game held its crown for five weeks, and in that time it even managed to beat Elden Ring’s lifetime UK sales, as well as the European sales of every Call of Duty title since 2017. One analyst recently claimed that globally, the title has earned over $1 billion in revenue, which hasn’t been confirmed by Warner Bros. Games but would be entirely unsurprising when you consider it’d already earned $850 million in just two weeks after selling 12 million copies. This success comes despite the fact that many have been boycotting the game due to its association with J.K. Rowling.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy’s greatest mod featuring PS1 Hagrid below.

With so many players embarking on their adventures in the Wizarding World, there are literally millions of spells being cast every minute by gamers worldwide. As Twinfinite reports, Avalanche Software’s community manager Chandler Wood has now revealed some mind-boggling stats for what has to be Hogwarts Legacy’s most commonly used spell - Revelio.

Revelio is a must-have spell for exploring, and players determined to uncover all the game’s secrets have been using it literally non-stop since launch. Wood revealed that the spell has been used over 100 billion times - that’s more 37,000 Revelios per second, and over 2.25 million per minute.

Players aren’t at all shocked by these figures: “I think I casted [sic] 100 billion Revelios myself lol,” tweeted @wrsethndeth. “I use Revelio like breathing air,” wrote @Snapbacks_tats9. “I be doing it in real life. ‘Where are my glasses… Revelio!’” added @EternalAzul.

Still, that's a lot of magic going on as we speak. It makes you wonder what the stats are like for Avada Kedavra - hopefully they're not quite as high.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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