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Hogwarts Legacy player finds gross secret in school bathrooms

Hogwarts Legacy player finds gross secret in school bathrooms

Someone get the bleach

Hogwarts Legacy has been out for quite a while now, meaning the majority of players have finished the main story and are feverishly scouring the open-world for secrets and points of interest. However, one player has taken it upon themselves to expose Hogwarts’ disgusting bathtubs instead…looks like the caretaker Filch has been slacking off…

Reddit user Cyrino420 shared an image of the, frankly horrendous, bathtub which he noticed whilst wandering the halls of the school.

This has actually stirred up quite a debate as to whose responsibility it is to clean the bathrooms, with some believing students are responsible for their own bathrooms, whereas others believe the house elves have some explaining to do. Of course, it’s also generated some friendly arguments about which Hogwarts house is the messiest… At least we know it’s unlikely to be Hufflepuff…

Regardless of whose dirty bath it is and where, it is an impressive bit of attention to detail, in a game that continues to amaze with how much there is to see and interact with… unless your goal is to be run over by the Hogwarts Express… then you might be a bit disappointed

The playerbase of Hogwarts Legacy continues to grow, even surpassing the titan Elden Ring with its sales, which isn’t that surprising when you realise it sold 12 million copies just two weeks after it was released.

Safe to say its momentum isn’t slowing down anytime soon, especially with the last-gen Xbox One and PS4 versions set to launch in May following a delay.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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