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Hogwarts Legacy serial killer decorates Room of Requirement with dead House Elf heads

Hogwarts Legacy serial killer decorates Room of Requirement with dead House Elf heads

One Hogwarts Legacy player has filled their Room of Requirement with mounted House Elf heads, making them look like an elf serial killer.

Hogwarts Legacy is a surprisingly dark game. Considering that you play as a school student, it’s sort of baffling that you can just go around blasting people with Unforgivable Curses and become an evil child wizard.

Even if you don’t cast Avada Kedavra on everyone that crosses your path, some of the regular spells are also seriously brutal. Not long after launch, players realised that by the time you get to the credits, the protagonist has definitely racked up more kills than Voldemort ever did, regardless of if you use the killing curse.

Take a look at this hilarious PS1 Hagrid mod in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Meanwhile on Reddit, one Hogwarts Legacy player has taken it upon themselves to create the creepiest Room of Requirement possible. For some reason, you can use mounted House Elf heads as a decoration, so IBiteTheArbiter decided to fill the entire room with them, making themselves look like some sort of House Elf serial killer in the process.

“Oh boy I love decorating my Room of Requirement with dead House Elf heads!” they wrote, along with two very cursed screenshots of their decor. I dread to think how poor Deek must be feeling about this.

“Deek… Deek th-thinks you should be pr-proud…” one Reddit user replied. “You gotta leave one spot clear so [Deek] knows where he will be after [you’re] done,” another wrote.

This is basically the exact opposite of what another player recently did with their Room of Requirement - Reddit user ExtravagantBear previously shared that they’d made a cosy little sanctuary for Deek, which is much more wholesome. Let’s have a bit more of that sort of thing, shall we? Please, for Deek's sake.

Due to an additional delay, Hogwarts Legacy is releasing even later than expected on previous-gen consoles. It’s now coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 5 May, while its Nintendo Switch release date of 25 July remains unaffected.

Featured Image Credit: IBiteTheArbiter via Reddit, Warner Bros. Games

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