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Hogwarts Legacy players want to be able to buy clothes for their House Elf

Hogwarts Legacy players want to be able to buy clothes for their House Elf

Hogwarts Legacy players aren't happy that you can't buy clothes to free your house elf.

Hogwarts Legacy has arrived and if social media is anything to go by, witches and wizards across the globe spent the past weekend diving into the title.

In fact, Hogwarts Legacy is already the most successful Harry Potter game of all time, despite also being the most controversial. Many chose to boycott the game following author J.K. Rowling’s hurtful transphobic comments. Figures show though that Hogwarts Legacy’s sales are up 80% on last year’s major February release Elden Ring - an eventual GOTY winner. Those who have purchased the game have praised Hogwarts for being their favourite video game location of all time, although there is one feature they’d like to see added.

Tour the enchanting Hogsmeade below.

Players are in agreement that they wish they could buy clothes for their house elf. Reddit user krazykenx took to the site to write, “I want to buy clothes for Deek. I just want him to be as dapper as I am.” There is one piece of lore that complicates this. House elves are freed when they’re given clothing by their masters but as WillSRobs points out, “[It] would be cool to give him clothes to be free yet he stays to help you with all the nonsense he has set you up to do. I mean there is already dialogue that would make this believable since he wants to make up for his past.”

Valid point. The most famous house elf, Dobby, is also free in Harry Potter lore but he still sticks around to help Harry and friends. Deanspoons added, “I just want to be able to chat with [Deek]. I feel bad only using him to change the ambience, like maybe ask what he's been up to and he could say he found some items for us while cleaning or something, anything except scrubbing the one spot for two hours.”

WolfOfAsgaard summarised the situation by writing, “I too want to give him clothing/trick Weasley into giving him clothing. I'm not comfortable with the game effectively forcing me to be a slave owner. No thanks.”

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