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Hogwarts Legacy name generator decides your wizard name for you

Hogwarts Legacy name generator decides your wizard name for you

If you're not sure what to call your Hogwarts Legacy character, this name generator could help you out.

For most of us, Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t even come out yet. If you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or PC owner, Hogwarts Legacy releases on 10 February. There is one exception. Those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition will now have early access to the game. In fact, some have already finished it.

Streamer xQc finished the game in a 25-hour long stream, rating it out of 10 when he was done. If you want to platinum Hogwarts Legacy though, it could take you around 70 hours. In fact, devs have said there’s closer to 120 hours of content in total. Fans are praising one ‘god-send’ feature, plus the character creator which many are saying has left them feeling “represented.” One decision you’ll soon be faced with is what to name your little wizard or witch. You could go with your own name of course, but if you fancy something a little more, well, fanciful, let me impart some wisdom.

Take a tour of the open-world Hogsmeade below.

While Hogwarts Legacy may not have an in-game name generator, there is an official Harry Potter name generator out there - created by book publisher Bloomsbury. As reported by RadioTimes, the generator simply asks for your name and whether you would like to be a witch or a wizard. It’ll then give you a wizarding name using your own initials.

The good news is, you can run this as many times as you like. I’ve got Kendra Hopkirk, Katie Helga, and Kingsley Hagrid. They’re of varying quality as you can see but if there’s one you like, simply type it into Hogwarts Legacy’s character creator.

The other task you’ll be faced with is picking a house. You can import your Pottermore house if you’ve taken the quiz or you can simply pick the one that calls out to you. Gryffindor house reportedly has the most side quests but Hufflepuff is the only house that’ll take you to Azkaban where you can fight Dementors. Tough choice.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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