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Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer test drops 200 players into game, does not go well

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer test drops 200 players into game, does not go well

A team of modders recently tested a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod with over 200 players, and it went about as well as you'd expect it to

A team of modders are currently working on online multiplayer for Hogwarts Legacy, with a recent 200 player test going about as well as you’d expect.

Hogwarts Legacy has done phenomenally well since it launched on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. It’s made well over $1 billion and is even exceeding the Harry Potter films it’s based on in terms of profit. This is before it launches officially on the Nintendo Switch too, which was unfortunately delayed again recently.

Despite its overwhelming success, many players have reported that the game feels empty months after its release. After finishing the main story and giving the side quests a go, there’s really not a lot to do aside from exploring the map for hidden secrets and messing around in the castle.

One of the biggest missed opportunities felt by fans is its lack of multiplayer, with many believing exploring Hogwarts with a friend would be a much better experience.

Luckily, one team of modders are hard at work trying to make this happen, and launched a multiplayer test that brought over 200 players into a single game. The result was a bit touch and go, with many players experiencing terrible performance issues as well as significant frame drops, but overall the fact so many people could pile into one server was impressive in its own right.

Once completed, the mod promises to allow players to party up with each other and complete the game’s many missions, provided everyone selects the same mission at the same time. This would certainly be a game changer, as it would actually feel like you’re attending the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with your fellow students, rather than just by yourself with a few AIs.

It’s definitely a project worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re on PC, as once the mod is complete it’ll be free to download and enjoy.

Modding for Hogwarts Legacy has been wild recently, with loads of creations that add a wide range of new things to do in the game. One mod adds a wanted system that makes the game more like Rockstar’s Bully, and another unlocks a variety of new combat spells to wield against monsters and dark wizards. The most unhinged of all though is a mod that swaps everyone’s wands for guns, which makes it feel like a very different game.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Studios

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