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Hogwarts Legacy meets Minecraft in new Unreal Engine 5 adventure

Hogwarts Legacy meets Minecraft in new Unreal Engine 5 adventure

Hogwarts Legacy and Minecraft fans are in for a treat with this gothic Unreal Engine 5 delight

If you ever want to play a game that blends the worlds of Hogwarts Legacy and Minecraft, with a hint of vampiric creatures of the night, then this game might be worth sinking your teeth into.

Developed by the indie studio Mehuman Games and powered by Unreal Engine 5, Vampire Dynasty features a creepy gothic world, magical powers, and building mechanics, it can also be played with friends locally or online on PC. You will also be able to channel your inner vampire by either drinking unsuspecting victims dry or turning them into your loyal minions.

Check out the Vampire Dynasty trailer below!

Judging by the gameplay trailer, Vampire Dynasty looks like it could be a lot of fun, especially not knowing when the troubled Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 may or may not arrive. That being said, according to a tweet from September 2023, it seems that the vampire RPG sequel may finally arrive by the end of 2024. Though I won’t be holding my breath.

“Embrace the darkness. Become one with the night. Feast on blood. You are a vampire, although not by choice,” exclaims the tagline introducing gamers to Vampire Dynasty coming to Steam in 2024.

“Yet that doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy the perks coming with it. Roam the open world of the fictitious mediaeval Balkan area of Sangavia, explore and uncover its long-kept dark secrets and build an everlasting legacy either alone or with up to four players in cooperative multiplayer,” continues the description.

“If you are a building aficionado, you will have something to sink your teeth in - design a magnificent castle and reign over the surrounding land. Become a feared or loved ruler. Help your servants or utilise them as you please, while watching the village change based on your choices. But don’t forget: You can have it all, but the price is paid in blood.”

At this time, Vampire Dynasty doesn't have a solid release date but you can however, wishlist it on Steam to be updated when pre-orders go live as well as to receive updates from the developers.

Featured Image Credit: Toplitz Productions

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