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Highly Controversial Iraq War Shooter Delayed Into 2023

Highly Controversial Iraq War Shooter Delayed Into 2023

Six Days In Fallujah does not want to make a specific political statement about the war.

Apparently, the controversial shooter Six Days In Fallujah has been pushed from its current release window into 2023, according to an industry insider.

To the uninitiated, Six Days In Fallujah is based on the Second Battle of Fallujah which occurred during the Iraq War. Originally announced in 2009, it stirred controversy for its appropriateness as a form of entertainment and the dramatisation of the actions of the US army. As well as this, Peter Tamte - CEO of publisher Victura - said that Six Days In Fallujah would not aim to provide a political statement on the war and would not include war crimes committed by US soldiers against Iraqi civilians and soldiers.

While the game features scenes where the player steps into the shoes of an Iraqi civilian and draws from real life stories from US soldiers, plenty of people are still unsure that the game should exist at all, owing to the terrible treatment of nonwhite identities in mainstream media. "It's instead just another game to reinforce the tired, negative trope of minorities being the bad guys for no reason. On top of that, it also attempts to dull the real-world atrocities of the Iraq War through things like its refusal to acknowledge the use of white phosphorus by US troops - something reported to have happened in Fallujah," explained Dine in his feature on games that use events like this war as settings for a fun video game without investigating the potential implications.

Taking to Twitter, TheRealInsider stated that Six Days In Fallujah is needing more time and resources than previously thought in order to guarantee that Highwire Games meets its own expectations for quality. The official news of the delay will come before the end of the year, and as this is unconfirmed, we'll have to wait and see if Highwire Games and Victura issue an actual announcement.

Featured Image Credit: Victura

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