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The Catholic Church just announced the very first gamer saint

The Catholic Church just announced the very first gamer saint

Pray at the console altar

Gaming and religion hardly go hand-in-hand, yet the Catholic Church is attempting to change that in a very unique way.

No, the pope hasn’t admitted he plays Elden Ring, but rather, the Catholic Church has announced its first gamer saint.

We’ll allow that to sink in for a moment.

The individual who has ascended to sainthood was purportedly referred to as “God’s influencer” whilst alive, and helped spread the word through all his actions.

In 2006, Carlo Acutis, aka God’s influencer, died of leukemia. However, his memory will now live on in a very unusual way now that the pope has approved the canonisation.

This will be the Church’s first “millennial saint”.

His transition is a “shining example of how being a saint means being yourself”. We’re not sure it’s quite that easy, but we appreciate the sentiment.

According to Twitter user Bob, this is “an example of how God’s work is all around us”; God can be found anywhere, even in gaming.

Undeniably, this is a touching moment for Acutis’ family, however, not everyone is in favour of this canonisation.

One social media post reads, “How ridiculous. Does anyone really fall for this nonsense?”

Alongside these naysayers are people who simply don’t understand the speed at which this has happened. As Diane on Twitter commented, “I don’t have a problem with this if the church believes he is a saint. But it’s so fast now and I don’t know why.”

They continued, “Why did it used to take years and years to validate miracles and all that?”

In keeping with this line of questioning, this decision also raises questions over whether Acutis will be the first of many other so-called gamer saints.

Whether you agree with this move by the Catholic Church or not, Carlo Acutis will forever be remembered as the first gamer saint.

Featured Image Credit: The Vatican, Sega

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