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Hideo Kojima Releases Mysterious First Poster Of His Next Project

Hideo Kojima Releases Mysterious First Poster Of His Next Project

The poster shows a silhouette of a girl with a blank face, and as of now, no one knows what it means.

Everyone, stay calm. Understandably, gamers are always excited to hear any news surrounding whatever Hideo Kojima is up to - the legendary game designer and founder of Kojima Productions has produced all sorts of iconic titles, including the Metal Gear series, Death Stranding and Snatcher

Take a look at the trailer for Death Stranding Director's Cut below.

Now, journalist and executive producer/host of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, has shared a very cryptic poster from Kojima Productions, seemingly teasing the studio’s next project. It really gives absolutely nothing away - we just see the silhouette of a girl with a blank face, covered with the words “who am I?”. Which definitely isn’t creepy at all.

Although the Tokyo Game Show is going ahead right now and running until Sunday (18 September), we unfortunately can’t expect to see anything about whatever the heck this is there. Kojima confirmed earlier this week that none of his games will be exhibited there.

“I miss the TGS before the pandemic. After hearing the news that an offline TGS would be held this year, we thought we could do something on our own and decided to participate in VR and sell merchandise as much as we could at our indie studio,” he wrote. “So we will not be exhibiting any games. We will have a VR experience of the KJP entrance, which we could not take out due to the move and had to tear down.” A further tweet from the Kojima Productions Twitter account reiterated this, saying: “No game titles will be displayed at TGS.”

Featured Image Credit: Hideo Kojima via Instagram, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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