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Hellboy is being rebooted yet again

Hellboy is being rebooted yet again

We're quietly curious.

Per Deadline, Hellboy: The Crooked Man will be rebooting the beloved comic book character again with the original creator writing the script, which will be music to fans' ears.

"Again?" some of you might say. Yes, there was a reboot in 2019, starring Stranger Things' David Harbour as the titular demon, beside Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim and Thomas Haden Church. This may have escaped your notice as the movie was a box office bomb, grossing $55 million against a $50 million budget. In that year, it was competing with things like Marvel's Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel and DC's Shazam! so it was a tough sell in an already crowded year for superhero films. Ergo, it scored a number of nominations at the Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Screenplay, Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel and Worst Director.

Check out the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania here!

Gosh, you can feel the heat coming off that recap, can't you. So, understandably, you see why the news of a third Hellboy film initially doesn't fill us with optimism.

The Crooked Man is a departure from all previous Hellboy films where Mike Mignola and the creator of the comics will finally shepherd an authentic version of his stories and characters in film form,” said studio Millennium Media to those interested in distributing Hellboy: The Crooked Man. “This is the first in the series of films that will captivate audiences in familiar (and new) ways. Brian Taylor is an expert across the board, and I couldn’t think of a better person to bring this story to life to show our audience this different and original Hellboy slate of films.”

Taylor is known for Crank, Gamer, Jonah Hex, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Mom and Dad, which is certainly a portfolio. At the moment, it's not been disclosed who will be playing Hellboy, but I'm sure there will be plenty of actors lining up.

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