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HBO's The Last Of Us just foreshadowed Ellie's future in Part 2

HBO's The Last Of Us just foreshadowed Ellie's future in Part 2

Episode six of The Last of Us made a subtle nod towards Ellie's future, which we're going to see play out in season two.

Spoiler warning: this article contains spoilers for both episode six of The Last of Us, and The Last of Us Part II. Proceed with caution.

The Last of Us’ sixth episode is now here, and there was a subtle nod to Ellie’s future that you might have missed.

From the get-go, The Last of Us’ HBO adaptation has been full of little easter eggs and references that are sure to make hardcore fans of the series gawk at their TV screen like Leonardo DiCaprio in that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood meme. In episode one, Sarah and Joel watch ‘Curtis and Viper 2’, the film which Ellie reveals in Part II that she and Joel were going to watch together before, ahem, certain events happened.

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us below.

As ComicBook reports, in the most recent episode, Ellie asks Joel what he’d like to do if he could do anything after a cure is found. He tells her that he’d get an old farmhouse and raise sheep on a ranch since they’re “quiet and do what they're told”. Of course, this is what Ellie ends up doing with Dina in Part II - albeit briefly.

The second season of The Last of Us was confirmed late last month, so this foreshadowing is eventually going to come to fruition on the show. It’s going to feel even more heartbreaking in TV form, isn’t it? It remains to be seen how season two will handle The Last of Us Part II’s narrative structure - perhaps Ellie and Abby’s stories could run side by side in alternating episodes rather than splitting the season down the middle? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Episode seven, ‘Left Behind’, is set to air on Sunday 26 February in the U.S., and Monday 27 February in the UK - don’t miss it.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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