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Harry Potter: Visions Of Magic officially announced

Harry Potter: Visions Of Magic officially announced

Harry Potter: Visions of Magic is an "evocative and interactive art experience", which will leave fans "awestruck".

Harry Potter fans have been on the receiving end of so much new content this year, and that’s not set to stop any time soon.

Hogwarts Legacy’s release dominated the internet for months after it came out, and we’ve still probably not seen the end of it given that the Switch port is releasing on 14 November. Not only that, but earlier this week, the free collectible card MMO Harry Potter: Magic Awakened released on mobile devices, allowing fans to experience a brand new story set 10 years after the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Take a look at the trailer for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened below.

Now though, a brand new Harry Potter experience has been announced, and it sounds pretty unique. As revealed in a press release (via PRNewswire), Harry Potter: Visions of Magic has been described as an “evocative and interactive art experience”, which delves into the Wizarding World’s most mysterious corners. The experience will contain multi-sensory installations inspired by the Ministry of Magic, the Room of Requirement and other iconic locations. Fans can expect to see interactive technology and responsive videos along with the impressive architecture.

“This experience is going to leave our millions of Wizarding World fans around the world awestruck,” senior vice president of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, Peter van Roden, said. “Art and technology have been masterfully harnessed and brought together with the Wizarding World to create a truly magical experience that puts the franchise on display like never before.”

No opening window has been given for Harry Potter: Visions of Magic yet, but the experience will be making its debut in a currently unknown European city later this year - it’ll later be brought to other places around the world, too. Fans interested can already put their name down on the waitlist in order to get priority access to pre-sale tickets (it’s not known how much these will cost yet).

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros., NEON

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