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Halle Berry's New Haircut Teases X-Men's Storm Return In New Doctor Strange Film

Halle Berry's New Haircut Teases X-Men's Storm Return In New Doctor Strange Film

You wouldn't just be teasing us now would you Ms. Berry?

Ever since the second trailer dropped for Marvel's Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness during this year's Super Bowl, fans have been putting up the red strings to figure out which Marvel superheroes will be showing their faces.

Rumours have been engorging the atmosphere surrounding which of Marvel's numerous charactering will be blessing our screens in the form of cameos. From the shadow and voice of Sir Patrick Stewart confirming the return of his version of Professor Charles Xavier from the X-Men, to Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds' very cheeky denial of his involvement in the film, it has never been murkier about just who will and will not be making an appearance.

Check out the official trailer for Multiverse Of Madness yourself, and see how many cameos and returning characters you can spot.

Former world's worst Catwoman Halle Berry is doing nothing to quell rumours that she is going to return to the Marvel universe. Luckily, the return wouldn't see her as the feline thief but with her excellent take on X-Men's climatising goddess Storm.

Back in the early 2000s, when the X-Men were smashing it in the cinema, the actress was known to sport a cute pixie crop. However, her hair has grown out as she has entered into the modern age. A few days ago the actress stirred up her own storm on Twitter by tweeting out pictures of her new short hairstyle. While it is a popular cut, with one shaved side and a longer fringe, dying part of her hair silver much like the tempest tickler herself has given everyone 'Storm is definitely coming back' vibes.

If you look at the old films there is a striking resemblance. However, whether she simply fancied a change, or is teasing things soon to come, we won't know until the new Doctor Strange comes out next month.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel / Lionsgate

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