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'GTA Trilogy' Players Compare Official Remaster To Fan-Made Remakes, And It's Not Good

'GTA Trilogy' Players Compare Official Remaster To Fan-Made Remakes, And It's Not Good

"They look like something out of Wii Sports"

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition isn’t quite what we’d hoped it would be. When Rockstar Games announced it would be releasing remasters of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas earlier this year, the excitement was palpable. Three classic games in one package, all with a fresh coat of paint and improved gameplay? How could it fail.

Unfortunately, it has failed. Hard. Since launching last week, it has become clear that the games are in a horrendous state broken on many platforms, and were even pulled from sale on PC for most of the weekend. Rockstar has been flooded with complaints and refund requests as a result, and GTA: The Trilogy has ended up as the worst-rated game of 2021. 

While Rockstar has promised it’ll be addressing the many bugs and glitches, fans are less than thrilled. Over on the Grand Theft Auto subreddit, a number of users have taken to comparing the official remaster with fan-made mod remakes, many of which look way better than the real deal. It’s also important to remember that Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive shut most of these mods down ahead of GTA: The Trilogy’s release. 

“Small comparison, probably more coming,” wrote one user. They shared a picture of the same street in San Andreas, a heavily modded one packed with detail, and one from the official remaster that… doesn’t look as good. 

It’s a pretty damning indictment of the remasters, but as one commenter wisely observed; “Show me the top screenshot in a video running smoothly. And the whole game from start to finish, not just one area.” In other words, it’s easy to hold up mods as the superior example, but they can rarely run without frequent and unexpected crashes. Except of course GTA: The Trilogy is also crashing unexpectedly for players, so I guess in that respect the real-deal is on an even footing with the fan-made project. 

Another post in the same subreddit shows how far poor Denise Robinson, one of the main characters in San Andreas, has fallen. The post compares Denise as she appears in the original release alongside a mod, and the official remaster. The result? Well, all I’ll say is that one of the GAMINGbible team unfamiliar with San Andreas saw a screenshot of Denise in GTA: The Trilogy and assumed they were a small boy. 

“What a difference,” wrote one user. “The [Definitive Edition] version looks like something out of Wii Sports.”

Rockstar has a lot of work to do to win people back over after this. 

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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