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GTA 5: Los Santos Drug Wars is a massive story update

GTA 5: Los Santos Drug Wars is a massive story update

Rockstar Games has announced Los Santos Drug Wars - the first part of an "expansive new two-part story update" for GTA Online.

If you were starting to get a bit bored of GTA Online, fear not. Rockstar Games has now announced the next major content update for the game, and it’s releasing in just a few days’ time.

This update is called Los Santos Drug Wars, and it's set to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S and PC next Tuesday (13 December). Excitingly, this is just the beginning of what Rockstar describes as “an expansive new two-part story update”, so there’s plenty more to come.

Before we get into it, take a look at some of our favourite wins and fails from GTA V below.

“Head straight to Blaine County and join up with old pal Nervous Ron and a new band of out-of-state misfits on a mission to put their stamp on the Los Santos psychedelics trade. Fight off an unlikely coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers while cooking up potent hallucinogenics - in elaborate labs or out of your own massive rolling chemistry set - in the opening chapter of an expansive new two-part story update for GTA Online,” Rockstar teased in a new blog post.

This update will deliver new vehicles, missions, experiential upgrades and a new business enterprise to take control of, but that’s not all. Players can also brace themselves for “significant story and gameplay updates”, as well as some “jolly holiday hijinks” to get in the festive spirit.

It’s no GTA VI, but it’s nice that Rockstar is continuing to bring such significant updates to GTA Online all these years on from its initial launch. Just a shame that the same can’t be said for poor Red Dead Online.

We’ll just have to see if Los Santos Drug Wars has what it takes to top July’s content update, The Criminal Enterprises, which for some reason contained a surprisingly creepy mission. At the time, some players said that they wouldn’t be sleeping as a result of playing it, which I don’t think anyone expected from a GTA Online mission, but there you go.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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