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GTA fan begs Trevor actor Steven Ogg to swear at him, and he delivers beautifully

GTA fan begs Trevor actor Steven Ogg to swear at him, and he delivers beautifully

Steven Ogg was given a very strange request during a convention, but he carried it out with aplomb.

Normally, if you saw a headline which claimed that a beloved actor swore or yelled at a fan, you’d be aghast. There are few things more disappointing in life than a famous face you’ve admired from afar turning out to be a rude person.

However, fear not, that’s not what this article is about. As UNILAD reports, Steven Ogg, the Canadian actor best known for his roles as Simon in The Walking Dead and Trevor Philips in GTA V once received a very strange request by a fan at a convention, who specifically wanted Ogg to swear at him.

Take a look at some of the funniest wins and fails from GTA V below.

This legendary moment took place during a GTA V panel at New York Comic Con 2013, just one month after the game first released. As such, Trevor was still a very new character at the time.

Ogg took very little persuading to fulfil the request - after being encouraged by the crowd’s applause, he got up from his seat at the panel, stormed over to the fan, and yelled “go f**k yourself” directly into their camera. Obviously, as the motion capture actor, Ogg already looks like his character, but in that moment, it was genuinely like the actual Trevor had materialised in real life. Take a look below.

To this day, fans are still leaving comments on the original video, and sharing their love for the actor and his performance: “I love the fact he hesitates, notices the applause and how happy it would make everyone and then goes straight into performer mode. F***ing legend,” one YouTube user wrote. “This was legendary. That man understood the job and absolutely went above and beyond,” commented another. “This is the closest thing to a wholesome moment the GTA community could produce,” another added.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Lonely Isotope via YouTube

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