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GTA 5 Trevor actor couldn't stop farting on set, apparently

GTA 5 Trevor actor couldn't stop farting on set, apparently

GTA V Trevor actor Steven Ogg couldn't stop farting on set, apparently.

Who loves the good smell of a fart in the morning? Well, apparently Trevor Phillips from GTA V does.

Well, when we say Trevor Phillips, we actually mean the charismatic actor that plays the character, Steven Ogg. Who would have thought that today, I would be writing up a news article on farts. Journalism, am I right?

As reported by our friends at UNILAD, Steven Ogg, who also starred in The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul, is apparently known for doing his best work wearing just his underpants.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Steven Ogg plays the infamous Trevor Phillips. A disgusting disgrace of a man yet one who has an undeniable charm that we can’t help but love, weirdly. The fact that Trevor is so popular, despite giving us every reason to dislike him in any other walk of life, credit must not only go to the writers at Rockstar Games but also to the acting talents of Mr Ogg.

However, as charming as Steven might be portraying the role of Trevor in his underpants while working, the actor is also known for ripping out farts on set. Lovely. Sure, I’m prone to giggle at the odd fart, but if that fart is anywhere near my cheese and onion baguette, then we’re going to have a problem. Not that I’d ever mess with Steven or Trevor, but in the privacy of my own mind, they’ll be getting a proper telling-off!

Reports of Steven letting rip on the set come from fellow GTA V actor Ned Luke, who played Michael De Santa. “Our set was very loose, pretty crazy, and a lot of fun. Steven is very free with his farts,” explained De Santa. “We’d give him s*** about that all the time.” He continued: “Then after every day we worked, he would strip down to his underwear and run around the stage. He’s a freak show.”

Luke even called Ogg a “methane actor”, but explained that his excessive farting is due to his healthy eating lifestyle. So, fair play. Luke also explained that Steven Ogg is a very different person to Trevor Philips, which let's be honest, is a good thing. “He’s so far distant from Trevor that you would not believe. In a way, yeah. In another way, he’s not even close,” he said.

So if there’s one thing you learned from this article, it’s that Steven Ogg likes to work wearing only his underpants and he farts a lot but eats healthy.

In related news, the infamous torture scene in GTA V has been deemed unnecessary in retrospect. GTA V is out now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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