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GTA 6 trailer hype reaches critical mass as Rockstar uploads new video

GTA 6 trailer hype reaches critical mass as Rockstar uploads new video

Grand Theft Auto VI fans have been sent into a trailer hype frenzy after one fan thought Rockstar had uploaded a new video.

Oh my, oh my. It’s December which means … uh oh. We’re in GTA VI territory. Everybody keep calm … PANIC.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Rockstar Games took to social media last month to confirm that they’d finally be dropping the first GTA VI trailer in early December. Seeing as today is 1 December, we have well and truly entered the danger zone. It was suggested that maybe the trailer would debut at The Game Awards on 7 December, but Rockstar have always enjoyed walking their own path. Already fans have been sent into a frenzy by a supposed pre-order date which recently appeared online, while others are hyped about leaked screenshots which show an immense visual improvement between Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA VI, but today we’re here to talk about that coveted trailer.

Take a look at this incredible Vice City mod, the rumoured setting of GTA VI.

The addition of a private video was seemingly spotted by Reddit user commercial-lake4553 who took to the site to say, “Rockstar just added a new private video on YouTube. It was 340, now 341. This is it boys!” That doesn’t necessarily mean the trailer will drop today, mind, but we are clearly on the precipice of the next era in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and that is an exciting prospect. We’ll finally find out if Jason and Lucia really are the names of our protagonists.

You might be expecting hype from fans, but many are actually debating whether this is ‘new’ or not. “341 videos been there since October,” one fan debunked, while another countered, “It was at 339 a month ago.” I’ve got to admit, I’m leaning with the majority here - and I’m not convinced Rockstar really has uploaded a video. Still, it’s something that will certainly be happening within the next week or so.

What might’ve turned out to be a false alarm today will be the real deal before we know it. Just sit there and bask in the thought that a real GTA VI trailer will soon be ours. Ah, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, TeaserPlay via YouTube

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