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GTA 6 skipping PC at launch for one very simple reason, says ex-Rockstar dev

GTA 6 skipping PC at launch for one very simple reason, says ex-Rockstar dev

GTA 6 will skip PC at launch for one reason

PC fans are sad and upset that GTAVI won’t be appearing on PC at launch. It’s a regular occurrence for Rockstar Games and one ex-developer has given a reason why.

We now know that GTAVI will be landing in Autumn 2025 and we also know that it will miss PC at launch. It seems we also know why this is.

GTAVI will skip PC at launch as the developers focus on consoles

Mike York, a former animator for Rockstar Games has spoken on the issue to IGN and he confirms what everyone wondered. Rockstar like to focus primarily on PlayStation.

This has been the case for years and it’s no surprise to have it confirmed. As he goes on to say, “The reason why a PC port comes later and not the first thing that comes out, is because they want to prioritize what sells.”

One other thing to note from Mike is that PC ports are notoriously complex to develop and it becomes a huge challenge because of the different architecture.

Due to every PC being a little different from others, it’s tough to get one game running uniformly well. This is why so many PC games receive countless patches, as each PC is updated and can spark a problem.

Of course, what’s also being said here is that Rockstar Games seems to believe that console sales will overshadow PC and so it’s worth them putting the focus there.

This doesn’t stop PC users from being upset they miss out on the biggest video game launch of all-time, but hopefully it won’t take an age for Rockstar to move onto PC.

As the sales of PC hardware and portable PC handhelds like the Steam Deck become more apparent, companies will hopefully begin to see PC as a viable market, but you can’t really beat launching on PS5 which has sold over 50 million units.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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