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GTA 6 'insane' screenshot looks so good fans can't believe it's real

GTA 6 'insane' screenshot looks so good fans can't believe it's real

"f**ing insane"

There can't be a person alive who doesn't realise what an important game GTA VI is. I'm willing to bet I could call my nan up right now and ask her, and she'd be able to tell me all about Rockstar's next game.

Okay, possible exaggeration. But GTA VI is on track to be the biggest and most expensive game ever made. After being announced back in February 2022, fans have desperately waited for official information on the next Grand Theft Auto. In that time, all we've had are leaks which keep finding their way back online despite Rockstar's best efforts.

Take a look at everything we currently know about GTA VI below!

Among last year's infamous GTA VI leaks, one screenshot in particular has become a real point of focus. It's worth noting that the leaked footage was of a game very much still deep in development - hence why Rockstar hasn't shown us anything yet - but this screenshot really has got fans talking.

You may have heard of, or even seen, the shot we're referring to. Despite being an early build of the game, it boasts some really impressive graphics and lighting effects. It shows GTA VI's female protagonist standing outside what appears to be a nightclub (at nighttime), with nearby buildings illuminated by distant lights.

While the shot itself has since been scrubbed from the internet (though I'm sure you can find it if you really want), fans are amazed by what they saw. They're so amazed, in fact, that some refuse to believe it's the real deal. Though as far as we can tell, the screenshot is very much from the leaked gameplay last year.

"Finally! Night that's actually dark," wrote one fan in praise of the game's slick lighting.

Another added: "This game is going to be f**king insane."

GTA VI is looking increasingly likely to launch March 2025 at the absolute latest, so hopefully there's not much longer to wait until we finally see the game, and it's lovely dark darkness, in action.

Featured Image Credit: GTA 6 screenshot looks so good fans can't believe it's real

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