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GTA 6 release window speculated in financial report

GTA 6 release window speculated in financial report

GTA 6 release date confirmed in new financial report

Take-Two Interactive may be taking one for the team and announcing a Grand Theft Auto 6 release date in their upcoming financial report. The company that owns Rockstar Games is reportedly feeling hopeful for 2025 and beyond which may just give us the hint we have been looking for.

I don’t know about you but after years of leaked images, footage and even a look at the game’s protagonists, I am just ready for the official announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6. However, with Rockstar Games keeping its cards close to its chest and leading its fans on a merry chase, it is down to internet sleuths to get to the bottom of the release date. Now thanks to a Take-Two Interactive report, there could be some new information.

Take a look at a Grand Theft Auto/God of War crossover below!

In a recent report by the firm Raymond James, it was reported that after a slower period in front-line releases, Take-Two Interactive is optimistic about the company’s near and medium-term path forward. The firm believes this may be as a result of release information/trailers on Grand Theft Auto 6 "which should take away the most prominent point of uncertainty around the financial trajectory." The information, shared in an MSN report also highlighted Take-Two's chief executive officer Strauss Zelnik stating that the release of GTA 6 would fall during fiscal 2025.

However, with rumours hinting at a 26 October and 21 October announcement date, it is anybody’s guess when the actual one will be. However, if a 2025 release date is to be believed, it may still be a while until we hear any official information from Rockstar.

This news comes the same week a Reddit user alleges to have seen the official Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. It will apparently feature a voiceover from the two new protagonists as well as a look at the new and improved Vice City.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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