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GTA 6 release date teased as publisher promises game is 'vast, unique and groundbreaking'

GTA 6 release date teased as publisher promises game is 'vast, unique and groundbreaking'

Take-Two Interactive's latest earnings call has just massively narrowed down Grand Theft Auto 6's release date.

Yesterday marked Take-Two Interactive’s latest earnings call and just as we expected, it included several references to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

It’s now over a decade since Grand Theft Auto V was released but alas, it’s time for us to enter a new era. In December, Rockstar Games dropped the first trailer for GTA VI - which one fan has just recreated in real life with stunning accuracy. It’s been relatively quiet since then but that’s to be understood. Rockstar won’t want the hype to peak too soon given that the game isn’t set to launch until 2025. With that in mind, it stands to reason that we’ll see the marketing and reveals ramp up in the latter half of this year. That should also include a release date reveal, but Take-Two has just narrowed down the window massively.

Why not watch the trailer just once more? Maybe you missed something.

In the company’s latest earnings call, Take-Two’s $8 billion revenue forecast for the Fiscal Year 2025 was reiterated. Well, that fiscal year runs from April 2024 to the end of March 2025. We know that GTA VI is set to drop in 2025 which paired with this whopper of a revenue prediction, seems to signify that it will either drop in January, February or March of next year.

Speaking of the game, CEO Strauss Zelnick said, “We’re seeking perfection. When we feel that we’ve optimised this, we’ll plan for release. We’re in this together. We have profit-sharing plans at the company, our goal is to align everyone’s interest with the shareholders.”

Additionally, 2025 was described as what’s expected to be a “vast, unique, and groundbreaking” year. Zelnick further added that while more needs to be done to look into the response to GTA V compared to GTA VI, the hype surrounding the latter game feels much higher. It’s exactly what we want to hear. The company is happy with what Rockstar is creating, they’re aware of the immense hype … it’s surely a recipe for success?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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