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GTA 6 protagonist Lucia leaves fans stunned in new in-depth look

GTA 6 protagonist Lucia leaves fans stunned in new in-depth look

A talented artist has created a detailed render for the female character who GTA fans assume will be the protagonist of GTA VI.

At this point, I’ll admit I’m slightly terrified for the day that Rockstar Games finally unleashes a GTA VI trailer upon the world. All the the hype, rumours and speculation - it’s all building up to that one moment where we’re shown what the devs have been cooking, and God forbid that it fails to meet any of the fanbase’s excessively high expectations.

With that said, you can’t blame people for being excited. Rockstar Games is a company that absolutely knows what it’s doing when it comes to game development - from the Red Dead Redemption series, to Bully, and the rest of the Grand Theft Auto series, there are few times that things have failed to hit the mark (let’s not talk about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition).

Take a look at what GTA VI might look like with this GTA V Vice City mod below.

Fans have been passing the time waiting for the next Grand Theft Auto instalment in various ways, with many scouring the huge September 2022 leaks for extra information, and others creating their own concept maps based on coordinates supposedly found within said leaks. Now, as Gamerficial reports, one talented character artist has created a stunning render for Lucia - one of the two protagonists who will allegedly feature in the upcoming game.

While I’m not going to link to any actual leaks here, those familiar with the early gameplay footage from that aforementioned big leak will almost certainly remember a brunette character wearing a pink top and blue jeans. Well, artist Hossein Diba has referenced that footage to create this incredibly detailed concept art of her - you can take a look below.

We can all agree that this is some seriously impressive work, right? Obviously, a lot of this was down to the artist’s interpretation of the character - it might not match up with what she looks like in the actual game. Assuming that she is included in the final release, of course. Imagine if the leak actually threw us the biggest red herring of all time?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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