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GTA 6 map appears online following recent leaks, includes the Bermuda Triangle

GTA 6 map appears online following recent leaks, includes the Bermuda Triangle

A Grand Theft Auto VI mock-up map has appeared online following recent leaks, and it includes the Bermuda Triangle.

We are just one day away from Rockstar Games dropping the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, and I can hardly contain my excitement. Tomorrow, on Tuesday 5 December, at 2pm GMT / 9am EST, the lid will finally be lifted on what might just be the most anticipated game of all-time.

Already, GTA VI is smashing social media records. Just think of the sales records it will also assuredly smash when it eventually releases. Just because we’re getting a trailer, it doesn’t mean that the game will definitely be released anytime soon. In fact, fans think they’ve decoded the launch date - and it’s quite a way off. There are rumours that GTA VI might be a timed PS5 exclusive but I’d take those, as with all rumours, with an enormous pinch of salt. Over the weekend, we got our supposed first look at the game’s world after footage was reportedly leaked by one Rockstar dev’s son. A map has also appeared online.

Tomorrow, you can feast your eyes on the trailer. Today, take a look at this fun Vice City remaster mod.

The map was posted by Twitter user GTASixInfo. It’s worth noting that this is not an official map. Instead, it’s a mock-up created by fans based on all the leaks viewed thus far. A similar activity took place in the lead up to GTA V and the fan-made map actually ended up looking very similar to the finished official Rockstar product so while I’d advise you to take this map with a pinch of salt, it’s likely to share plenty of similarities with the real deal.

Vice City has long been rumoured to be the predominant setting of GTA VI, seemingly confirmed by the palm trees seen in GTA VI’s trailer date announcement post. There appear to be several other urban hubs for us to explore though, including Port Gelhorn and The Keys. Most interestingly, fans seem to think that the Bermuda Triangle might feature in the game. It’s not out of the realm of possibility I suppose.

In fact, it’s quite likely. ‘Bermuda Triangle - Submarine’ is a world event file name sourced in last year’s enormous leak. Hopefully, tomorrow’s trailer will give us a glimpse at the full scope of this world.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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