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GTA 6 facing an 'inevitable' delay, says insider

GTA 6 facing an 'inevitable' delay, says insider

Last year's hack is said to have had no bearing on the progress on its development.

Long have Grand Theft Auto fans been starved of the sequel to their favourite entry in the series. The hack that revealed a huge amount about Grand Theft Auto VI ahead of Rockstar Games' own schedules satiated them with crumbs, but the demand for a proper reveal rises higher and higher.

Thanks to an Oxfordshire teenager with a lot of free time and an ego like a GTA NPC, we saw that there are two confirmed protagonists to play as in a modernised version of Vice City. This sadly took the wind out of Rockstar Games sails as it is notoriously challenging to make up the lost employee motivation and customer confidence when something like this strikes a developer.

If Grand Theft Auto VI looks anything like this when it is ultimately revealed, then fans will be happy bunnies indeed:

The hack is said to have not impacted the pace of progress on Grand Theft Auto VI, yet at any rate, it likely has caused Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to rethink their approach when revealing the game in the future. Everyone's got their two cents to contribute on the topic, and famed industry insider Tom Henderson has now stated that the game is moving towards an "inevitable delay."

"Everyone keeps asking me when GTA VI will be revealed and I don’t know," Henderson told Grand Theft Auto fans in a post to Twitter. "I’m going to assume, based on past reveals, a reveal trailer would be the last week of October 2023 or the first week of November 2023 before Take-Two’s Q2 2024 earnings call."

"A 2024 release will probably be given and then inevitably delayed until 2025," he surmised. He was clear to claim that he's forming these predictions only on the previous pattern of announcements from Take-Two Interactive, and it's important that we remember that a lot can change in a short time frame. Ergo, the best thing to do is to put a Grand Theft Auto VI reveal out of your mind until autumn, if you can manage that.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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