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GTA 6 community rallies around fan who claims game lifted them 'from a dark place'

GTA 6 community rallies around fan who claims game lifted them 'from a dark place'

We all need something to look forward to

For outsiders, video games are often considered as a waste of time but for those in love with the diverse form of entertainment, they can be something else entirely.

That is definitely the case for one video game fan who has recently taken to Reddit to share how news of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI has lifted them “from a dark place”.

Check out the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI below!

It has been over 10 years since Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V but last year saw the next instalment, Grand Theft Auto VI, receive a 2025 release date alongside its first trailer.

As a result, one user over on r/GTA6 has shared how news of the upcoming entry took them out of a dark place.

“I don’t wanna be hyperbolic and claim this one game changed my life or anything but I’m not gonna front, before this game's official trailer announcement, I was in a pretty dark, f**ked up place, mentally and just in life in general,” they shared.

"Then like a day or so later Rockstar officially tweets that they were dropping an official trailer the following month. Not gonna say all my problems went away after that but I actually had something I legit cared about to motivate me to stay alive, at least until then.”

The user goes on to explain how having something to look forward to helped them get out of the dark place they were in and hopes that readers will also stay here to “see the light of day”.

It wasn’t long before fellow fans rallied around to show their support to the original poster.

One said, “That's not pathetic, it's awesome news. Always having something to look forward to whether it's a game like GTA VI, a movie that's coming out or a new episode of a good show is a good way to distract the mind and it's a good way to keep going.”

Another said: “Honestly people might laugh or make fun out of OP but games, music, films, whatever have the ability to help people through tough times.”

It's true. Here at GAMINGbible we truly believe that video games and their respective communities can be beneficial to our mental health. It's lovely to see the GTA community rally around this particular fan.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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