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'Grand Theft Auto 6' Actors May Have Been Spotted After Last Week's Leaks

'Grand Theft Auto 6' Actors May Have Been Spotted After Last Week's Leaks

Fans think they've worked out who will be playing Grand Theft Auto's dual protagonists.

Rockstar Games was recently the victim of one of the video game industry’s worst cyber attacks on record. During the attack, over an hour of development footage of Grand Theft Auto VI was obtained and leaked online alongside screenshots and source code. A UK-based teenager has since been arrested, supposedly in connection with the hack yet details continue to trickle out online. Fans are using leaked footage to map GTA VI’s version of Vice City and now, it appears as if some of the game’s cast has been spotted.

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It’s long been rumoured that GTA VI would be led by a Bonnie and Clyde style duo and the leak appears to back this up. It’s now believed that the two protagonists are called Jason and Lucia. Fans have used clips of the two characters to hunt down the actors portraying them, using both the sounds of their voices and their likeness.

It’s believed that actress Alexandra C. Echavarri will portray Lucia. The actress recently had a resume appear online which mentioned that she was portraying a ‘principal character’ in an upcoming Rockstar Games title. This has since been omitted. Let the cat out of the bag too soon?

When it comes to Jason, fans believe the role will be played by Bryan Zampella. The evidence here is a little less convincing but the actor posted a picture to Twitter where he stood in front of a car accompanied by the caption “Buy it or just take it?” Take it … theft. Either way, take both of these suggestions with a pinch of salt for now.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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