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GTA 5 players discover brand-new mission after 10 years

GTA 5 players discover brand-new mission after 10 years

There's a secret open-world mission in GTA V that you might not know about

A Grand Theft Auto V player has discovered a new side mission to do whilst exploring the singleplayer, and you’d be forgiven if you’ve never seen it before.

While its open world was quickly overshadowed and outclassed by Red Dead Redemption 2, for a time GTA V was Rockstar Games’ most impressive and immersive video game world to date.

Though it’ll soon be Red Dead Redemption 2’s turn to be overshadowed when GTA VI drops, the trailer of which you can check out below.

Los Santos is a wonderful playground and there’s plenty of fun to be had as you race through the city streets, even more so when you get out onto the open roads of Blaine County.

Continue further North and you’ll find the woodland and mountains, where one player discovered a secret drug farm that you can actually raid and steal from for money.

Now since the game has been out for over a decade now, you can safely bet that there are loads of people who discovered this first, but for new or more casual players like jericho681 on Twitter, the farm can be a pretty exciting find.

It’s a bit like the nudist colony you can find in the game, there are some vague hints that it’s there, in this case a blueprint you can find, but the game doesn’t spell out its existence for you either.

That’s just one of many secrets fans have uncovered with the game, with other notable exceptions being the aforementioned nudist colony, underground mines, and don’t even get me started on Mt Chiliad and all of the fan theories surrounding it.

Hopefully GTA VI houses just as many secrets in its open world, and given how bloody big it’s going to be, you best believe it’ll take us a while to find them all.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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