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Grab 15 free games this month, no subscription required

Grab 15 free games this month, no subscription required

It seems that the Epic Games Store is once again giving out 15 free games this December, seemingly starting tomorrow.

For many, December is a time for giving. Plenty of people basically spend the entire month ordering silly things online hoping that they’ll arrive in time to be gifted to friends and family on the big day.

In the same spirit, the Epic Games Store has previously made the month an exciting time for gamers. The storefront is known for its frequent free game giveaways, but in December, it's been taken to another level, with the 15 free games across 15 days promotion.

Meanwhile, Essential tier PS Plus subscribers can grab Mass Effect Legendary Edition for free this month - perfect for preparing for the release of Mass Effect 5.

As ComicBook reports, it seems that the promotion is returning for yet another year. It was reported by Eurogamer last month that Dealabs leaker billbil-kun (who reliably leaks the free Essential tier PS Plus games each month) claimed that the promotion could be due to start tomorrow, 15 December, and it’s looking like that’s true.

Over on the Epic Games Store, a new “mystery game” is listed as unlocking tomorrow - at 4pm UK time, to be exact. Clicking on it gives absolutely nothing away regarding what the title is, but its thumbnail has been made to look like a present from the Epic Games Store, so it strongly implies that the promotion is returning for another year (especially given that the date lines up with the one that billbil-kun gave).

Surprisingly, this still hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games, so it seems that we’ll likely have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure what’s happening. It’s looking like it’s basically confirmed, though, so prepare yourself - your backlog is about to expand exponentially.

The storefront’s current freebies, Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine, go back to their regular prices tomorrow, so if you want those, be sure to claim them while you can. All you need is an Epic Games Store account, and you can download and keep them for free to play at any time you want.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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