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New 'God Of War Ragnarök' Video Prepares Fans For Upcoming Game

New 'God Of War Ragnarök' Video Prepares Fans For Upcoming Game

If you need a story refresher ahead of the release of God of War Ragnarök, Sony have got you covered.

For the vast majority of 2022, it sure did look like Elden Ring had the Game of the Year title in the bag but in the past few weeks, God Of War Ragnarök confirmed its 9 November release date and officially entered the race. Since then, we’ve seen glimpses of Odin and theorised what Fenrir’s appearance could mean but if this leaves you feeling a little foggy, don’t worry. Santa Monica Studio is here to remind you exactly what happened in God of War.

Check out the brand new God Of War Ragnarök ‘Myths of Midgard’ story recap below, featuring actress Felicia Day and fan-favourite character Mimir.

For many of us, God of War’s story is likely to be fresh in our minds, whether that’s because you’ve just replayed the game in preparation for Ragnarök or simply because it’s your all-time favourite title. That being said, this recap is definitely worth a watch simply for the artistry.

Day begins by reading the story from an old tome, with the animated pages springing to life. Partway through the story, Mimir interjects, hoping to tell the tale himself but as we all know, Mimir can go on talking for hours so for our sakes, Day continues. We’ll have plenty of time for Mimir’s stories as we row our way around the waterways of God Of War Ragnarök.

As Day reaches the end of the tale, she reads, “Atreus grew restless. Wary, Kratos remained. Ragnarök loomed as the great winter waned.” Mimir interjects, “Don’t tell me you're thinking of stopping here. Things were just getting good.” Day responds, “Well, I suppose we could go on a bit longer,” before a thunderstorm interrupts proceedings (Hello Thor). “It seems that we’re out of time. If you want to know how this story ends, I’m afraid you’ll have to find out for yourself.” As if I wasn’t already hyped enough for Ragnarök. This is how you get fans excited. Well played Sony.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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