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God Of War fans agree only one man can play Kratos in the Amazon series

God Of War fans agree only one man can play Kratos in the Amazon series

There's only one man who can play the God of War

As I'm sure you've probably heard by now, a new series based on God Of War is currently being developed between Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios.

The good folk at PlayStation are really starting to branch out and make moves in the world of TV and film. Earlier this year we got the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland, and next year HBO's adaptation of The Last Of Us looks set to dazzle. Or to at least be better than Uncharted, which I grant you is not a terribly high bar.

In May this year, Sony confirmed two more projects: a Horizon Zero Dawn series for Netflix, and a God Of War series for Amazon Prime. Very, very little is known about these projects at the time of writing, and it'll probably be a few years until we see anything substantial from either of them.

Of course this hasn't stopped fans from discussing their own dream casting choices. A few names that are frequently thrown around when it comes to casting Kratos include Jason Momoa and, strangely, Nick Offerman. But really, when you get right down to it, there's only one man that can do it: Christopher Judge.

The great Christopher Judge breathed new life into Kratos for 2018's God Of War and this year's epic sequel God Of War Ragnarök. As I mentioned in my review of the most recent game, Judge turns in a beautiful performance that brings out hitherto unexplored depths to the tired old ghost of Sparta. It's masterful work, and he is of course the only man Sony should call up when the time comes to cast the TV series. It's a sentiment the vast majority of fans agree with, too.

Judge himself is aware that a large majority of fans want to see him play Kratos in live-action, and even retweeted one fan's request with a simple "co-sign". Come on, Sony: we want it, the fans want it, Judge wants it. Make it happen, yeah? Yeah.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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