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God Of War fans beg Sony not to cast Tom Holland as Kratos in new series

God Of War fans beg Sony not to cast Tom Holland as Kratos in new series

The actor has infiltrated two top tier PlayStation series... so far.

Following the confirmation that the God of War TV show is still in the works, players have banded together to beg that Sony and Amazon avoid casting Tom Holland as Kratos.

Now don't get the wrong end of the stick here. There've been some inspired casting choices that have thought outside of the box in the past - talking about video game adaptations, Pedro Pascal as Joel, Ella Purnell as Jinx, and Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker come to mind. However. There have been a number of examples that have totally missed the mark. Anyone familiar with the Jack Reacher books? About a scary ex-Army soldier that stands at about 6'5"? Tell me why they cast Tom Cruise for the film. Exactly. It's green and it rhymes with "honey."

Speaking of, here's the actor showing off what he claims to be the “biggest stunt in cinema history” for Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One:

Reddit user happi_botmun1538 pointed out that Tom Holland has infiltrated a number of films that have connections to PlayStation's portfolio. In a reverse-skidaddly-doo, the new-gen version of Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man is reminiscent of Tom Holland's look in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then, Holland portrayed Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film, wherein he confessed to be too concerned with the way he looked than hitting his marks. With God of War now on the horizon, fans have lightheartedly asked that the chirpy 26 year old not be cast as an intimidating Spartan general in Amazon's adaptation.

Honestly, the community is very content to see Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljić reprise their roles from the games. At the moment, the show is in its very early stages of development so we probably won't learn about its confirmed cast for a while. Still, best to have all bases covered, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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