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George R. R. Martin Says "The Best Is Yet To Come" In 'House Of The Dragon'

George R. R. Martin Says "The Best Is Yet To Come" In 'House Of The Dragon'

This is terrifying.

George R. R. Martin has heaped praise on House Of The Dragon, the HBO show adapting the events of the Dance of Dragons in his Game of Thrones prequel, Fire & Blood. In fact, he's said that "the best is yet to come," which is a thrilling and terrifying statement.

Spoilers for House Of The Dragon follow. Get out of here if you're not caught up on the chaos.

One more chance to click away - here's the trailer for the show:

Right, so we should only have people who are up to date on House Of The Dragon here and/or people who won't let a stranger on the Internet tell them what to do. Either way, I respect you. Martin is of course one of the most popular fantasy authors of the past thirty years, renowned for excellent world-building and absolutely awful twists that wrench your favourite characters away from you in the most tragic of demises. So, when he says that "the best is yet to come," this could mean that we're in for one heck of a rollercoaster ride. Or maybe more appropriately, one heck of a dragon ride.

Let's recap. Alicent's had it up to here with Rhaenyra's shocking behaviour - sleeping with the Commander of the City Watch and acting as a beard for her husband Laenor Targaryen. Look, they're not hurting anyone. Viserys himself isn't convinced that his grandsons Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey are illegitimate, infuriating his wife even more. Alicent, mimicking the way that her father Otto raised her, impresses upon her son Aegon that he must fight Rhaenyra for the Iron Throne in the future. She then complains to Larys Strong and says she wishes her father was still the Hand of the King, and Larys interprets this as a request to kill Lyonel and Harwin Strong in a brutal fire. Crossed wires, eh?

While this is all going on, Daemon's completely chill (for once), flying in the skies of Pentos with his wife Laena Velaryon. Sadly, Laena is unable to deliver their third child, and chooses to die by dragonfire than die as a result of childbirth, leaving Daemon and their daughters Baela and Rhaena behind. All of this occurs in just 68 minutes of screentime, so really, anything could happen in the forthcoming four episodes.

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