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Gears Of War 6 is coming, spinoffs cancelled to focus on development

Gears Of War 6 is coming, spinoffs cancelled to focus on development

According to one insider, The Coalition are fully focusing on Gears of War 6 now, following the cancellation of another project.

The wait for Gears of War 6 continues, but there has been an exciting development. According to a new report, a Gears of War spinoff may have been cancelled allowing The Coalition to focus all of their efforts on Gears 6. This is the announcement we’ve been waiting for.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been having somewhat of a rough time lately when it comes to Xbox. Looking at the latest quarterly earnings, analysts have remarked that PlayStation is “crushing” Xbox. There are rumours of a complete overhaul of the Halo franchise, but it’s not all doom and gloom. With Starfield and Redfall on the horizon, Xbox looks set to have a much more successful 2023. With this latest rumour, we have some idea of how Xbox’s recent internal shuffling will affect the Gears franchise.

Speaking of Starfield, take a look at some gameplay below.

First, let’s address why Gears 6 is taking so long. The team are switching over to Unreal Engine 5 and previously explained that it would take some getting used to. Industry insider Jeff Grub then claimed that The Coalition had begun work on a small Gears project to allow them to get to grips with UE5. On a recent episode of the Game Mess Mornings podcast though, Grubb added that this project had been canned allowing the team to simply focus on Gears 6.

Grubb pointed out that The Coalition worked on The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience. “That was not the smaller project, it was a separate thing but it seems like they were like, we’re up to speed because we worked on that, so it looks like they’ve cancelled that smaller project,” he explained.

“This was all reflected in the layoffs that happened at Microsoft that hit The Coalition a little bit. The studio is now going to move on fully to Gears 6 now. I say now, focus likely moved onto Gears 6 in full over the course of the last year but that’ll definitely be their next game.” Chances are, Gears 6 will still be a few years away but it’s a step in the right direction.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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