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Gaming Insider Quits, Explains How They Leaked Video Game News

Gaming Insider Quits, Explains How They Leaked Video Game News

He could be any one of us!

With the sheer amount of leakers and insiders knocking around on the internet these days, it’s very hard to decipher which accounts are legit and which are just taking educated stabs in the dark. 

One such account that had a fairly decent track record when it came to being on the money decided to call it a day and retire from the… leaking game? If that’s what we can call it? I don’t know. At any rate, this particular magician has decided to peace out by revealing their secrets, and it certainly makes for an interesting read.

One of the games that AccountNGT successfully leaked was Star Wars Eclipse, which you can watch the trailer for right here.

So, AccountNGT is (or rather was, their Twitter account no longer exists) a prolific leaker with a more-often-than-not on the money reputation. On the most recent occasion however, they got something spectacularly wrong to the point where a developer had to step in and call them out in a roundabout way. 

AccountNGT said that Sucker Punch Productions (who most recently made the excellent Ghost of Tsushima) were working on a reboot/remake of the Sly Cooper and inFamous series’ much to many fan’s delight. The online chatter forced Sucker Punch to respond and say that no, in fact, they were working on no such thing. Egg and AccountNGT’s face were in alignment.

In a message (encapsulated here via twitlonger) AccountNGT said that a source came to them, gave them ways to trust them and divulged other information about a Hogwarts Legacy reveal in March, some various PlayStation announcements and other bits and bobs. While some of these have been proven correct, Sly and inFamous were not, so, sick of being on the inside path, AccountNGT has stepped back.

They also explained how they started leaking news from the industry. “I was monitoring Quantic Dream websites for a long time to try to get a chance to leak a game early,” AccountNGT said. “That happened I think on December 2/3 of last year I leaked 2 images of Star Wars Eclipse.

When Star Wars Eclipse was revealed at The Game Awards 2021, a few people made reddit posts and shared my account because of my leak, I gained a lot of followers. I continued ‘leaking’ Quantic Dream info, including a game based on The Dark Sorcerer. I got the info that Quantic Dream was building a humor based game in a fantasy world by Tom Henderson himself in DMs. Though, it was confirmed untrue a few days ago in an interview with Quantic Dream's CEO David Cage:”

So, if I’m reading this right, they hung around a website backend and hoped to get lucky. And there I was thinking it was more cloak and dagger than that, with information being exchanged covertly and briefcases of money being picked up at park benches.

Well there we have it, a little snapshot into the world of how leakers and industry insiders work. Sitting around on video game websites and waiting. A noble profession.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: 20th Century Fox, Valve

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