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Vin Diesel Is Starring In A Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Film

Vin Diesel Is Starring In A Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Film

“We are proud to bring this iconic piece of Mattel IP to life.”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

There's going to be a movie made about the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, also known as that retro tabletop blue and red boxing game, and Vin Diesel is on board.

Of course he is. Of course. "To take the classic Rock 'Em Sock 'Em game, with Mattel as my partner, and align it with the kind of world building, franchise making success we have had with Universal, is truly exciting," said the actor as part of the announcement.

If you didn't know, Diesel is a huge fan of video games, and especially Ark. He's the president of creative convergence at Studio Wildcard, the developer behind the survival series, and will oversee how Ark 2 and its animated show will tie together narratively and visually. He also keeps across any glitches or bugs in the game, as he has played "thousands of hours" of Ark: Survival Evolved, and the developer said that he "understands the game intimately".

Well. Each to their own. That's enough about the dinosaur game, though. Mattel Films and Universal Pictures are collaborating on the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em movie, along with the actor's own production company, One Race Films. As well as starring in the movie, Vin Diesel will produce the project with Samantha Vincent, the producer of F9 and the upcoming tenth and eleventh films in the Fast & Furious franchise. The story of the movie, written by Ryan Engle, will centre around a father and son who stumble upon an advanced war machine and are able to befriend the robot. Whether or not the cast of characters introduced in the Game Boy Advance adaptation will appear in the movie like a sort of Transformers or Avengers situation is not known right now.

"We are proud to bring this iconic piece of Mattel IP to life on the big screen with our tremendously talented partners Vin Diesel, One Race Films and Universal," continued Robbie Brenner, executive producer of Mattel Films. "Our rich library of franchises continues to yield compelling stories and we look forward to creating what is sure to be a thrilling action adventure for the whole family to enjoy with Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots."

At present, no release window has been revealed for the movie, as it is in the very early stages of its production. However, consider me curious on how they're going to bring the iconic toys to Hollywood.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures, Lorie Shaull

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