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Tony Hawk Has Been Putting His Actual Blood Into Skateboards

Tony Hawk Has Been Putting His Actual Blood Into Skateboards

"There’s a piece of Tony’s DNA in every board."

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

In collaboration with Liquid Death, Tony Hawk released a line of skateboards infused with his blood. His actual blood. His actual blood that has been pumped around his actual body by his actual heart.

"Ayo this pretty cool," said one buyer. "Can't wait to use this for future cloning of Tony." With a scarlet background and the "It's the Thirst Executioner" character brandishing a hawk skull, it's certainly one heck of a statement, priced at $500. That shade of red was also made from a mix of paint and Hawk's blood, thereby "[ensuring] that there's a piece of Tony's DNA in every board." That's... good, I guess. And, every piece got a letter of authenticity from the athlete, though from the photos, it looks like a scribble on a notepad.

Here's the man himself having his blood drawn for the unique decks and the process of screenprinting the gnarly design. Content warning for needles and blood.

Unfortunately, they're all sold out and as it is a limited-edition board, there will be no reproductions. Still, that's no reason to scowl as a portion of proceeds from the collaboration will be given to the anti-plastic nonprofit 5 Gyres and Hawk's The Skatepark Project. The former aims to research plastic pollution across the world and resolve this prevalent problem and the latter acts to create a safe and inclusive space for young children to be active and strike up friendships.

"I am deeply thankful to have a connection with my fans, and I appreciate how Liquid Death connects with theirs," explained Hawk in a press release. "This collaboration is taking those connections to a new level, as I have literally put my blood (and soul?) into these decks. And I take pride in knowing that organizations fighting plastic pollution and creating skate parks worldwide will be supported through our efforts."

And, now for something completely different. PlayStation Plus subscribers, listen up. A handful of people have been able to download Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered for free, suggesting that this is one of the games to be announced as part of September's offering. Last month's PlayStation Plus freebies didn't set the world on fire so this could be a sign of a return to form.

Featured Image Credit: Liquid Death

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