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'Titanfall 3' Announcement May Be Imminent, EA Reviving "Established IP"

'Titanfall 3' Announcement May Be Imminent, EA Reviving "Established IP"

Ooh you mech me happy.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Electronic Arts is set to announce the return of a much-loved and long-lost IP, and it's looking more and more likely that it could be the long-awaited Titanfall 3.

For those who might never have sampled the delights of Titanfall or its sequel Titanfall 2, they are easily among the best shooters of all time. Originally developed by Respawn Entertainment (now of Apex Legends fame) the Titanfall games combine slick parkour and fast-paced shooting with crunchy fights in giant robot suits.

While the original Titanfall was fantastic, it was Titanfall 2 that really launched the series to dizzying heights thanks to a substantial multiplayer offering and one of the best single-player campaigns ever to grace a first-person shooter.

Despite the huge critical acclaim surrounding Titanfall 2, it wasn't exactly a sales hit by EA's standards. This probably has something to do with the fact that the publisher made the somewhat baffling decision to release the game in between a new Battlefield and Call Of Duty, meaning the most unique shooter of the year was lost in the mix. A tragedy, but it's been heartening to see more and more gamers come to Titanfall 2 over the years via sales and discover that actually, it slaps.

Unfortunately both EA and Respawn have remained fairly open about the fact that nobody at the studio is currently working on Titanfall 3... but it looks as if hope - and a new entry - is coming from a new source: EA Motive.

Reporter and Games Beat writer Jeff Grubb has once again teased that EA Motive, who developed last year's excellent Star Wars: Squadrons is working on an "established IP" revival that fans will be very happy about. He added that we'll be seeing it during EA's July 22 livestream, which isn't too far off at all.

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

Most fans immediately assumed the franchise Grubb was referring to was none other than sci-fi horror series Dead Space. This certainly qualifies as an established IP that people would be happy to see again, but a recent tweet from Grubb heavily implies that anyone who is guessing Dead Space is guessing wrong.

There are plenty of other established IPs that EA could be bringing back, but Titanfall 3 arguably makes the most sense of all. Titanfall 2 has picked up an incredible head of steam over the last few years, and Apex Legends - a Titanfall spinoff, don't forget - has helped make the universe more popular than ever before. We also heard last year that a sequel was in active development - we just never assumed Respawn wouldn't be the ones developing it.

While Respawn is busy with the battle royale and the inevitable sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it'd make perfect sense to hand over development duties on a full-blooded Titanfall sequel to Motive. We've not long to go until July 22, so watch this space!

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