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Dead Space 2 reboot quietly killed by EA

Dead Space 2 reboot quietly killed by EA

Bad news for Dead Space fans

Dead Space fans, we have some bad news for you. It seems that rumoured Dead Space 2 remake is no longer on the cards after EA quietly killed it off.

According to industry veteran, Jason Schreier, the series is “on ice” after an EA spokesperson said “there is no validity to the story” regarding the sequel reboot being in the works.

Dead Space 2 is often cited as a perfect game by fans bettering the first entry of the franchise

Schreier also mentioned that Motive Studio, the team responsible for the Dead Space remake has been hard at work on other projects since a “new entry” wasn’t greenlit.

He mentions that a sequel was considered but this idea eventually “fizzled out” and a Dead Space 2 remake was not “seriously considered.” It appears the idea was to make a sequel to the remake. A new spin-off, maybe.

Of course, this is sad news for fans of the franchise as Motive did a brilliant job with Dead Space and there is a hunger there for more sci-fi horror.

Fans on Reddit are well-balanced with some expressing upset, while others are simply happy we got the remake in the first place with the latter saying, “We got one fantastic remake out of it.”

It seems clear how Jeff Grubb, who originally reported on the rumour, thought a sequel was in the works. It appears the EA was on the fence and considering several moves for the franchise.

Staying with Reddit, fans are hoping EA sells off the franchise in order for someone else to step in a create something new. Of course, EA could return to Dead Space at some point, so that’s unlikely to happen.

What’s perhaps the saddest news to come of this is that Motive could have brought us a brand-new installment, which would have been very exciting, perhaps more so than a remake.

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