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Netflix ‘The Witcher’ Trailer Offers First Look At Iconic Witcher Fortress

Netflix ‘The Witcher’ Trailer Offers First Look At Iconic Witcher Fortress

This iconic location has been brought to life in the trailer.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The second season of Netflix's The Witcher seems like it's been in the works for forever, yet, the new character trailers show that things are hotting up on The Continent. This latest one, focusing on Geralt, offers us our first look at one of the most iconic fortresses in the series of games and novels.

Personally, I think CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is alright. Ask anyone else on the GAMINGbible team, and they would likely wax lyrical on its merits: a gorgeous open world, rich narrative, branching paths for the protagonists, gruelling combat and replayability. "As I idly play through The Witcher 3 for a fifth time (once again on Switch), I'm stunned by just how much new stuff I'm still finding," said Ewan in his piece praising the enormous amount of world-building the developer poured into the project. Fifth time?! Goodness gracious. I mean, all the power to that man, but that's got to be about 500 hours spent with the game. 500 hours works out to be a little less than a month in continuous time. I only own The Witcher 3 on PC, and my laptop is a capricious beast at best. If there was only a way of enjoying the intricacy and the exciting characters of The Witcher 3 in a digestible but passive format. And it would have a catchy song to boot. As if my prayers had been answered, Netflix announced its adaptation of The Witcher and it landed on the small screen in 2019.

Prophecies, invasions, deaths, assassinations, fires, brimstones. It's all a little doom and gloom in The Witcher, isn't it? Fortunately, it's evident that the cast and crew had a whale of time filming the first season. Check out the blooper reel below.

As a result of the pandemic, the second season of The Witcher was delayed significantly, even though it was confirmed before the first season released. Netflix's co-chief executive officer and chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced that the second season is expected to arrive in Q4 2021, which is the last three months of this year to people who don't speak in spreadsheets. That might seem a long while to wait, but Netflix has been throwing out character trailers for Ciri and Geralt which give us a glimpse at what's to come.

Very early on in this trailer, we see a hooded figure leading Ciri through the snow in the ground of Kaer Morhen. The frigid temperatures and the fact that we watch them stroll through the ribcage of a large creature shows that this place isn't going to get any five star ratings for hospitality on AirBnB. On the other hand, Geralt appears to be hunting a monster through a dark hallway, with one of his legs bandaged. The next time we see him clearly is with a concerned expression, and then again facing away from the camera in a snowy space, glancing over his shoulder. Is this also Kaer Morhen, where Geralt is dreaming of the onslaught that the castle faced that eradicated almost every single School of the Wolf student?

I'll be honest - I don't know. However, this whistle-stop tour of the second season has provided a fair few clues to follow while we wait for its official premiere. What's with those beautiful blue flowers springing from the snow? Whose claws are reaching towards the fire? What symbols are on those medallions? What does the Elder Speech shown at the very end translate to? We'll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red, Netflix

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