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Hogwarts Legacy finally lets you explore with friends in this free download

Hogwarts Legacy finally lets you explore with friends in this free download

Explore Hogwarts with a friend courtesy of this free download

If there is one thing that would make Hogwarts Legacy that bit more fun, it would be the ability to go off on adventures with friends. Luckily, one free download has us covered.

Although Hogwarts Legacy is inspired by the Harry Potter works, it is missing something that Harry Potter himself had: companions. With the ability to only go solo unless quests call for a companion, it can be quite a lonely road.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!

Luckily, one modder over on Nexus Mods has us covered thanks to their Companions Mod. This will allow your witch or wizard to be joined by one companion on their journey through Hogwarts and surrounding areas.

The companion can be one of your fellow students or even your favourite professor and they will stay by your side unless they are summoned by their own quest. Although they will choose to teleport when you use your broom, they are there every step of the way.

This includes during battle areas, the Room of Requirement and beyond. They will also cast the same spells as you, fight enemies and even make the odd comment on your exploits.

This is just one of many ways to increase your enjoyment of Hogwarts Legacy which may just have an uncertain future after it was recently reported that its sequel may be a live-service title. With many unhappy fans, the bad news continues.

It was revealed that the Hogwarts Legacy free summer update would be arriving later this year and despite some promised features, players are not holding out much hope. With Warner Bros. at the helm and unhopeful of the future of the triple AAA genre, it remains to be seen what will become of Hogwarts Legacy.

For now, it is up to the dedicated modding community to provide us with the extra content we are in need of.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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