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The New Batman Arkham Game Could Be Revealed In December

The New Batman Arkham Game Could Be Revealed In December

The Dark Knight might be swooping into The Game Awards

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

In October, we heard rumours that Warner Bros' next Batman game - the next entry in its Arkham series, which includes developer Rocksteady's celebrated Asylum, City and Knight games - is set to be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. Now comes news - well, more rumours, really - that said game's official reveal is imminent. Apparently, it'll be shown to the world at The Game Awards on December 12th (nominees, get your nominees here).

This update comes via, which reports that YouTube channel Slcmof has information from a reliable source, which states that Arkham Legacy - or whatever it's ultimately called - is finally going to go public in December.

Batman: Arkham Knight /
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady

It feels like this one's been teased for ages now, via official posts and more wild rumours. In 2018, developers Warner Bros Montreal - the makers of the other Arkham game, Batman: Arkham Origins - kind of let slip, deliberately or otherwise, that the Court of Owls would be featuring in the next Batman game. This was then followed up by a now-deleted tweet from Batman writer Scott Snyder, who used the hashtag #bewarethecourtofowls, and telling fans to "wait for it".

Previously, it was thought that the next Batman game would be titled Batman: Arkham Crisis, and would take an open-world approach to crime-fighting. The reports on that rumour also mentioned the Court of Owls, a secretive criminal organisation based in (you guessed it) Gotham City that rock about town wearing (again, nailed it) owl masks.

So while we can all agree to take these titles with a pinch of salt, it really seems like the Court of Owls is going to be a big deal in the next Batman game. There's so much smoke, there must be fire, right?

Batman: Arkham Origins /
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, WB Games Montreal

Another thing that's certain - well, as certain as it can be, right now - is that Kevin Conroy, the long-time voice of Batman for Rocksteady's Arkham games (but not for Origins), as well as for TV and film productions, won't be involved in the WB Montreal project.

In October, Conroy told JOE that he's not involved in whatever's being cooked up in Canada right now, adding "I don't know why" when asked for a reason.

There's been a truckload of teases and rumours about this game, is what we're saying. It'll be a great relief to see the cat(woman?) let out of the bag at the Game Awards, if that's what the plan is. Then we can all get on with being properly excited for what will, hopefully, be a cross-gen game in the model of City and Knight. But like, better than those games. As neither was as good as Asylum, don't @ me.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Rocksteady

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