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'Guitar Hero' Player Nails Frantic Solo While Being Accosted By Cat

'Guitar Hero' Player Nails Frantic Solo While Being Accosted By Cat

When the cat’s away…

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

It's the anniversary of this incredible clip of a streamer's Guitar Hero solo being sabotaged by their affectionate pet cat, and we're still stunned that they managed not to miss a note in spite of the animal's best efforts.

UKOGmonkey, who has 176,000 followers on Twitch, is famous for their Guitar Hero and Rock Band streams, though they do dabble in the occasional racing sim, horror games, and Nintendo nostalgia. Last year, they were playing Clone Hero for one of their streams, a free rhythm game which is exactly what you'd expect, but offers songs composed by its community, which is equal parts sweet and silly. Any audio file is readable by the software, thereby leading to the addition of non-musical audio files made into songs which are actually playable. But, it also lures in those who are worthy to try to play a number of the most challenging songs ever composed, to prove their mettle in metal.

UKOGmonkey was one such contender. Playing "Fallen World" by Dragonforce (from the title and name alone, you know this song is nothing to be sniffed at), they don't break a sweat, hitting every note on the highway while their cat chills on their lap. Then, the cat decides that it would like some fuss from their owner at the most crucial moment in "Fallen World": the extremely rapid and extremely complex solo. Pushing their furry face into his, and squeezing underneath the controller where there really isn't a gap for them to wiggle through, this is a struggle that most if not all cat owners recognise.

However, UKOGmonkey is undeterred, and continues playing without missing a single note. Their expression betrays a modicum of fear, but they don't lose their cool, letting the cat snuggle into their neck and push their headphones off their ears. As a result, they only have the visual to rely on to complete the song accurately, and still, they manage it with not one error. It's unbelievable. And, this clip proves that cats are annoying little creatures, yet also soft and loving, so it evens out overall.

The cat's name is Tiny, by the way.

Featured Image Credit: UKOGMonkey

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