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Streamer 100% Completes 'Impossible' Guitar Hero Song After 10 Years

Streamer 100% Completes 'Impossible' Guitar Hero Song After 10 Years

Incredible, inspirational, and slightly sweary too… We love to see it

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

For those of us who like to set ourselves challenges in our games playing - more than simply finishing a new game, and maybe more than 100%ing one, too - the following clip is fantastically inspirational. It's incredible, unreal almost. I can't quite believe a human being pulled it off.

Quick bit of background: CarnyJared is a Twitch streamer who plays Guitar Hero games. Well, specifically, he plays Clone Hero - but he does so with a Guitar Hero controller. It's a clone of Guitar Hero, so we're all good with just saying: Guitar Hero, I think. Where was I... Right... And he plays them exceptionally well. His fingers move like I've never seen a man's fingers move, before. And if that sounds a bit sexy, well, we should all be here for it. But until just the other day, the track 'Soulless 6' was still beyond his skills. It isn't, anymore.

I'm going to need you all to take two minutes out of your day and watch that video, above (or peep it on YouTube). First, you'll be amazed by how he attacks those cues. Like, IDK about you, but my eyes don't work that fast, let alone these spindly digits at the end of my meat spades. He absolutely destroys the track - which Reddit says was only ever uploaded as an April Fool joke in 2011, a track that could not be 100%ed. Not by anyone without some kind of bionic augmentation or something. Hell, even bots struggled with it, according to Ginx.

But! CarnyJared blazes through the track with the kind of concentration I only ever see in myself when I'm trying to parallel park with two screaming kids in the back. He cooly dances all over the fretboard like his fingers are possessed, while keeping time with the strum bar (which, as Ginx also reveals, is extra loose thanks to added lube). Definitely some elbow grease going in there too, and you have to respect that perfect coordination of arm bend and blistered pinkies.

CarnyJared realises what he's achieved /
CarnyJared on YouTube

And then: the pay-off. CarnyJared's reaction when he realises he's achieved the full combo is priceless. Just the most uplifting moment. Okay, he curses too, but hey, hey: we've all been there. The stream chat goes off as the streamer announces: "I just f*cking GOT IT... OH MY GOD."

When he's sat back down, he tells his audience: "I don't know what to say... Dude, I just f*cking did it. Holy sh*t. YES."

Honestly, the smile is enough for everyone watching to know what this means. Congrats, CarnyJared! And may your achievement inspire anyone who needs an injection of motivation, right now. In related rhythm-action content, don't forget that Guitar Hero developer Harmonix's FUSER came out last year and is excellent - and you don't need a guitar peripheral to get stuck into it. Check out our review.

Featured Image Credit: CarnyJared on YouTube

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