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Twitch streamer banned after dog poops on her, which seems harsh

Twitch streamer banned after dog poops on her, which seems harsh

The streamer has expressed her annoyance at Twitch for its decision.

Over the years, we’ve seen Twitch streamers banned for all sorts of reasons, but this might be the most bizarre yet.

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer Valannn had a live broadcast descend into chaos when her elderly Shiba Inu dog, Kouki, accidentally pooped on her while she was cuddling him. Mid-stream, she noticed that he’d moved his tail in a way that suggested he was gearing up to go to the loo. Unfortunately, by the time she spotted this, it was already in motion, and as she lifted him up, he began to poop on her, and she was forced to run outside holding him in order to minimise the damage.

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The chaotic (and gross) stream clip quickly went viral, but as Dexerto reports, the streamer has unfortunately faced major consequences for her dog’s accident. On Twitter yesterday (27 July), she revealed that she’d been hit with a temporary ban as a result of the incident.

"My first time EVER getting banned on Twitch because my 12 year old dog, Kouki, accidentally pooped on my stream,” Valannn tweeted. “Does this really keep the community safe? [Shaking my head.]”

A screenshot of the email shows that Twitch issued a strike to Valannn’s account due to her “sharing content featuring bodily fluids”, or more specifically, “deliberately sharing content featuring bodily fluids such as blood, urine, feces, vomit, etc.”

Obviously, receiving a ban on Twitch is never going to be fun, but Valannn is particularly annoyed since, as she stated on Twitter, she “didn’t realise” her dog was pooping. She wrote: “As I lifted him up he started to poop and you see a little droplet and that’s when I ran to take him outside. So yes[,] poop is not allowed.”

Thankfully for the streamer, it was only a one day ban, which already seems to have been lifted. However, multiple strikes against a single account can eventually result in a permanent ban, so this is still really bad news for Valannn.

Featured Image Credit: @Valannnnn via Twitter, Valannn via Twitch

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