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World's Best Guitar Hero Player Outed As A Cheater, Quietly Deletes Videos

World's Best Guitar Hero Player Outed As A Cheater, Quietly Deletes Videos

The player was exposed for faking around 100 videos - he'd earned thousands for supposedly clearing super advanced songs.

Ahh, Guitar Hero. We’ve all played it, very few of us were actually any good at it. Despite the series not seeing any new entries in years now (although thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, that could actually be set to change), there’s still a very enthusiastic community of high-level players who are way too skilled at the game for their own good. 

Amongst them, one player known as Schmooey had, until very recently, been thought to be the best in the world. He not only cleared songs that everyone else found incredibly difficult, but he even did them sped up. Beyond that, he’d earned thousands of dollars of bounty money, which the community had placed on clearing some advanced tracks. I don't know about you, but this is the first I’m hearing of Guitar Hero bounties being a thing.

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When someone’s that good, there’s always going to be sceptics, but apart from the occasional bits of dark footage here and there, there’d never been anything to say that Schmooey was a cheater. That is, until recently, when he was exposed for having faked nearly every single one of his uploads - around 100 of them. 

As reported by Kotaku, this all unravelled after he uploaded a run of the song ‘9 Patterns of Eternal Pain’, and the community noticed that there were parts of the video where his hands weren’t even hitting the notes that were supposedly being played on screen. After investigating more of his videos, it was found that he’d been faking them in a variety of ways, including speeding footage up and splicing clips together.

One YouTuber, Karl Jobst, posted a video explaining the whole situation, which is definitely worth a watch if you’re interested. As for Schmooey, though, he’s deleted all his uploads, and has made his social media accounts private. He also posted a full apology video last month, and paid back all the bounties that he’d earned.

Featured Image Credit: Schmooey/LegoKeegan411 via YouTube, RedOctane/Activision

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